Cost Segregation can mean a Tax Windfall for property owners?

Cost Segregation is a tax strategy that creates massive deductions for taxpayers who own commercial property, resulting in huge cash flow benefits.

What is Cost Segregation?

It is an IRS defined and sanctioned approach that requires skills and expertise in Construction Engineering and Taxes. The process allows Commercial Property owners to REDUCE FEDERAL TAXES by accelerating the depreciation on their properties by separating real (essential) and personal (non-essential) components of building cost and reclassifying the depreciation on the personal items from 39 years to 5, 7, and 15 years.

About FullerCSS

Accountants & Engineers

FullerCSS (Cost Segregation Specialists) is a consulting firm composed of professional accountants and licensed civil engineering specializing in asset cost segregation studies for real estate investors and property owners. The company is a division of Fuller & Associates, a thirty-six year old accounting firm specializing in tax planning and consulting for business owners. FullerCSS works directly with property owners as well as with CPA firms.

Real Estate Investor

As a savvy investor, you know the value of cash. So what if your existing investment properties could get you cash, interest-free, from the government in order to invest in other opportunities and grow your net worth?

Get More Cash Today

So you can invest and make even more money tomorrow. What kind of return could you get if you had, say $100,000 to invest tomorrow? With cost segregation, you can do just that. 

Reduce Your Tax Bill

The effect of cost seg. is that it allows you to realize greater depreciation deductions in the earlier years, which reduces your tax bill and frees up cash. You get to keep more cash so you can invest and make more money.


Our team of experts is considered an industry leader in the usage of IRS guidelines and rulings. Our engineers perform a “true engineering-based study” which is industry leading and will withstand IRS examination

Advanced Technology

FullerCSS combines web-based technology and a staff of trained civil engineers that simplifies and expedites the Cost Segregation process for our clients and produces a significant cost savings for the real estate investor as well.

Nationwide Presence

Our engineers perform cost segregation studies for property owners in all 50 states. Our on-staff team at FullerCSS has the expertise to perform a Cost Segregation Study on any commercial or residential property anywhere in the U.S.

Present-Value Savings $550k

 By performing an engineering-based cost segregation study on a $10 million shopping center placed in service 10 years ago, the building owner was able to increase the amount of depreciation expense, thus reducing the current year taxable income, resulting in an increase in cash flow of $550k.

Big Savings From Cost Seg.

Cost seg. study savings generates cash flow that owners often use to reinvest in the business, purchase more property, apply to their principle payment or spend on themselves.  On average, for every $1,000,000 in purchase price, construction or renovation cost, a Cost Segregation study will yield accelerated depreciation of approximately $250,000. At a standard effective tax rate, this should yield a cash benefit of $100,000.

Cost Seg Studies and Your CPA

Why hasn’t my CPA already done this for me? CPA’s are tax return specialists not Engineers. Cost Segregation is a specialized engineering-based service that must be handled by a specialist. At FullerCSS, we are specialists in performing cost segregation studies – that’s all we do!

What Experts Say

The benefits of cost segregation overwhelmingly outweigh the drawbacks. There can be astounding differences in outcomes between using and not using it. Due to the time value of money, the advantage of these front-loaded depreciation deductions will be quantifiably greater than had the deductions been spread over longer periods of time using slower depreciation methods.”  JAY A. SOLED, JD, is an associate professor of taxation at Rutgers University


Recently, I engaged the services of FullerCSS to perform a cost segregation analysis for my new office building. The results were not only worth the investment from a depreciation standpoint, but they also provided me with the most thorough description of the facility possible. At all phases of the project, those involved were very courteous and professional. I enthusiastically recommend them without reservation.”

Austin, TX

“We worked with FullerCSS for the first time in 2011. They performed a Cost Segregation study for our firm that resulted in a tax refund of over $212,000. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and took the time to explain and guide us through the process. We anticipate working with FullerCSS on more projects in the future. We highly recommend them and look forward to our enhanced profitability as a result.”

InTech Medical, Inc
Memphis, TN

Complimentary Benefit Analysis

FullerCSS provides a complimentary feasability analysis . This complimentary estimate projects the tax benefit available and quantifies the cost of having a study performed.

Cost Segregation Studies Deliver!

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